Day 6 - Walton to Carlisle

Wednesday 18th June - 12.5 miles, 4 1/2 hours

It was a brighter than expected start to the day as we left Walton just after 9:00. Although there was not so far to walk today we made an early start so that we would have time to look around Carlisle Castle when we arrived.

The route to Newtown was pleasant, passing through fields, farmyards and woods.

The whole landscape was becoming much flatter as we headed closer to the Eden Valley. Although the path was continuing to follow the line of the wall there was now very little sign of its existence.

As we approached Oldwall the view opened out and we had the first sight of Carlisle up ahead. The Lake District fells were now suddenly much closer. In a couple of days time we would be heading through these along the Cumbria Way.

We joined an enclosed track close to the edge of Carlisle Airport and followed it down to reach the road.

Near Bleatarn farm the line of the wall was clear to see as it ran across the middle of the field. This however was the last visible evidence today as the route soon turned away south to the village of Crosby on Eden.

We had planned to stop at the pub in the village for a drink, but it was only 11:30 and it was not due to open for another half an hour.

We continued on to reach the River Eden, which provided a change in scenery. It was easy walking along the clear path passing through a variety of tall grasses and wild flowers. Willow and Elder bushes lined the banks of the river.

The day was becoming progressively warmer and sunnier as we approached Carlisle. We crossed the river Eden at Rickerby park.

We followed along the edge of the river to reach the centre of Carlisle. Despite being so close to the city the path was very secluded, with a large variety of flowers, including the intense smelling sweet rocket.

It was 1:30pm as we arrived so we headed into the city centre for our lunch. We found a nice cafe where we sat outside in the sunshine overlooking the main square.

After lunch we found our B&B, Langleigh House. We dropped off our bags and then returned to explore Carlisle further.

We spent an hour an a half looking around Carlisle Castle. From the top of the walls there were good views all around. The keep housed a good selection of displays about the castles history, including the English Civil War and later the Jacobite rising.

More relevant to our Hadrian's Wall walk was an exhibition showing the Roman finds from an excavation that took place on the site when a new underpass to the castle was built.

In the evening we ate at Nowab Indian restaurant on Lonsdale Street, close to our B&B. The food and service were both very good.

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